Holds too little twine, try a longer or thicker needle (see our product range). But it must not be too thick for the meshes of your net, of course.

Is too long, so that it feels awkward in narrow positions, try a shorter needle (product range).

Is too slippery, roughen it by a coarse file.

Is too rough, polish it with wax.

Tip is too tensed, (so that it is hard to load, or it will not easily let the twine off for each turnover), push the two parts wide apart, may be after heating the needle in hot spring water.

Doesn’t keep enough tension, if there is a gap in the tip so that it will not hold the twine, heat the needle in hot water, then press the two parts firmly to the counter side, and then the other side the same way, as shown on this illustration:

Video: How to load the net needle
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